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Plastic Mouldings – What are they?

What is Plastic Moulding?

Plastic moulding simply means moulding of the plastic. There are several ways to mould plastic and these moulds come in all shapes and sizes. From plastic bottles to various car parts, plastic mouldings are everywhere.

What does a plastic moulder do?

A plastic moulder is a person or a piece of equipment that actually moulds the plastic to give it form and shape. Equipment used and the cost of production can vary greatly depending on which moulding technique is used.

Some types of plastic moulding

There are several ways to mould plastic. Some of them include:

Injection Moulding

This is where the plastic is melted and poured into a mould and allowed to set. Once set, the mould is removed to reveal the item. This is the way most mass-produced plastic items such as toys are produced as it is an affordable way to produce plastic items.

Blow Moulding

This is when hot liquid plastic is poured into a tube. The mould closes around it and forces the hot liquid plastic into the shape of the mould. Tubes, containers, and bottles are made this way.

Compression Moulding

This is when pieces of hard plastic are squeezed between moulds that are heated and then left to cool down.

Film Insert Moulding

This is when an image, a piece of fabric, a piece of film or something similar is inserted into the mould which has plastic injected into it so that the image is embedded into the plastic item.

Moulded plastic items

Moulded plastic items are used in everyday life and can vary in size and type. Children’s toys are often made of moulded plastic, as are other mass produced items such as jars, plastic containers, crates, and bottles. Small items like key-rings and large items like car parts are all produced using plastic moulding techniques.

Image of plastic items

Image of plastic production